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Is this thing on?

Easily Distracted. Will rant for money.

12 March 1980
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What can I say that would capture a lifetime in so few words?
Well, I'm a dork. Does that help?

Hi. I'm Aaron. I'm currently 29, living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm a first generation Scottish Immigrant - that meaning I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, but grew up in the US. I'm politically Independent, jaded by organized religion but fascinated by belief, and a student of history and the humanities. I'm a complete bastard.

I'm an amateur artist, though to be honest I'm more of a cartoonist. I've tried my hand at writing for several years, and continue to do such, mostly for something to do. Fantasy and Cyberpunk are my chosen genres, though I have taken interest in certain alternatives. I listen to just about any sort of music you can imagine, though I tend to prefer artists that some may consider music snobbery. Test group studies and targeted media are the bane of all forms of creativity.

My geek credentials are scattered, at best. I enjoy anime and manga, but prefer some American small press comics; I loathe spandex superheroes. I went to college to learn computer programming, and dropped out to pursue something less soul-crushing. I'm an unabashed role player, and will probably continue to be such for years to come.

This is a little cross section of my life, filtered through the rose glasses of self editing. Please enjoy the stay, and beware of the ego.